Welcome to Codgebilt.

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Thanks for taking the time to stop by to visit with an ole trucker (Codge) with a passion for trucks...pretty much any and all types of tractor trailers...for pretty much all my life. I've been a collector of diecasts for almost fifty years and a builder for several of those years.

At Codgebilt most of my handcrafted custom trucks are built to the customer's specs, it usually starts with a picture of his/her own truck, a favorite, or maybe one that they have always wanted but never could afford in real scale.

My goal is to duplicate the truck in 1/64 scale. All frames are sleeved with boxed brass, and I use Sherwin Williams automotive paint and clear coat which can be custom mixed to any color you choose.

I can also offer you a custom logo for your truck and trailer, either by designing one for you, or I can duplicate almost anything you submit.

Customer Comments

I take pride in making sure your product arrives in perfect condition. That's why I build a wooden frame for every custom truck or trailer that I build. This insures that your investment will be protected in shipment.

I don't build anything to meet a deadline - you can't rush quality.

Let me know if there is anything I can build for you.